Study Visa

A great option to opt for Canadian education is study visa. There are a ton of great schools, including several universities that are among the best worldwide. Attending school in Canada gets you on the path of global exposure and career options. If you want to live in Canada after your studies then there are some rules.

In most cases, you will be required to stay and work in the province where you went to school. A job offer is also necessary to stay long term, so be sure to network like crazy after classes. You’ll have a major advantage over someone who never spent any time in Canada. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that part-time work during your course of study will count towards any IEC residence streams.

Visitor Visa

To meet your dear ones living in Canada. You can apply for a Visitor Visa. You will be issued with a temporary visa category with a limited time validation. An immigration officer may ask you about your purpose of visiting at the border. You must have all the information about your sponsor in Canada.

Tourist Visa

As globalization emerges, people love to see the places worldwide and Canada has many numbers of such places. If your passion is sightseeing then you can apply through the category of Tourist Visa for Canada. It is also a Temporary category of visa which will be issued to you for a limited period of time and with certain limitations.

Open Work Permit

This category is for the people whose spouse is studying or working in Canada and they want to join them. You can go and work wherever you want as full time. This is the perfect way to support your spouse emotionally and financially.